A bit about the site and the person behind it

About the Site
This is a page dedicated to the edges of San Francisco, the parts that don’t get talked about or shown much these days. More and more SF is depicted as being for a certain type of person, but if you live here you know that is not the whole truth. There are shiny parts, no doubt, and it seems reality gets a bit tougher everyday. But there are also rough spots, real spots, dirty parts, with all the detritus and nitty gritty we call home.

This is dedicated to the folks who live in the uncool neighborhoods (and once uncool, I suppose). This is dedicated to the folks who don’t want to live in a mall, and remember when going to a box store meant a trip to Colma or DC. This is for the locals, the worker bees, the freaks, the liberators, the folks who never quite fit in anywhere else, the kids, the grrlz and the bois, the average Jane and John Does, the service workers of all collars, the intellectuals, the union workers, the immigrants, the natives, the teachers, the artists, the underemployed by chance or by choice, the crusty bookstore guys and the record store geeks, and this is for all of us hanging on to our city by the bay as best we can in these times when considering fleeing the place we call home actually feels like a real possibility. Let’s stick it out if we can, okay?

About the Author
Ragazza was a bicoastal baby who decided she wanted to live in San Francisco at age 12, and made it happen by 17. That was a long time ago. She dances, reads, makes music, does crosswords puzzles, teaches, wanders around, hangs out with her partner and some domesticated and feral cats, and is freshly stunned at the cost of a fast pass every damn month. Some call her Monica. Viva San Pancho!

Drop us a line to say hey at onetimeinSF@gmail.com.

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