Bus Tunes

I have been known to shamelessly Shazam songs I hear on the bus when I am too shy or introverted to ask the (usually) guy blaring it from his phone who it is. Often my partner laughs at me when I get home and play something new to me over and over, asking “Is this one of your latest bus tunes?”

The other day was a little different. 

I was on the 8X for a short jaunt, and it was one of those situations where it was all dudes sitting in the outside seat with empty window seats next to them, staring straight ahead like no one else might want to sit. Only one dude responded to my side eye as I made my way to the back and shifted over, a young man in his late teens or maybe early 20s. I fell into my seat gratefully.

A minute later another young dude behind us started playing a song…a song I never expected to hear coming from the back of the bus circa 2015, Scott McKenzie’s “If you’re going to San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)”. I immediately broke out into stifled giggles, looking around, like…really?! I also immediately began singing/humming along (quietly), because that is just what I do. I became even more surprised when the kid next to me raised his hands and let out a ‘YEEEEAAAH!’ and also started singing along. We made eye contact and both laughed as we sang. My hands may also have gone up. For a moment I thought we were both laughing at the absurdity of being in the back of the 8X singing along to this bubblegum hit from the late 60s, but (as you by now may have realized) I was wrong. The beat kicked in, and I immediately realized this was a much newer local love song to our city by the bay. We all bopped our way up the hill towards Balboa Park. As I got off the bus I turned and asked the guy playing the song “Who is this?”

“San Quinn” he yelled back gleefully. And so it was. A great tune, ‘SF Anthem’ has been in my head for days since. Enjoy!

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