Saving bugs on the daily

This morning I saw a couple of women standing on the corner, one with a piece of cardboard, gaping at the ground. Cardboard woman bent down and roughly pushed something away towards the street. As I got closer, I saw this really cool looking stick bug, all stunned and ‘Hey man, what the hell with the cardboard toss?!’ I asked the woman for the piece of cardboard, bent down and hung out for a sec, and the bug slowly stepped right on to it. I was in the middle of a concrete jungle, not a tree, plant, or grassy spot in sight. I decided to drop him in the only dirt I could find, down a low gutter. I kind of felt like a jerk, but figured it had a fighting chance there over the honking car-filled street.

Yeah. I’m preeeeetty sure I am finding control wherever I can in a city that feels like it is trying to break up with me after several glorious decades together for its richer, younger, shinier new squeeze(s), and in a larger world seemingly more and more out of control for the little guys. Saving a fellow little(r) guy, maybe?

Hopefully in my anthropomorphic moment of attempting to feel a little power I did not inadvertently introduce some invasive species that dropped off a box just delivered from a faraway locale.

Out of the concrete and into the gutter.
Out of the concrete and into the gutter.

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