Slice of a conversation

I tend to talk to people who are just kind of hanging out, or waiting for something. No one else usually has time to shoot the shit, really, and I often find myself hanging out during transition times (waiting for buses or trains, in between gigs, things like that).

This dude was pretty nice (I wound up chatting with him after I took this shot). He said he had not been on the street that long, and was getting a place “real soon now”. I had a few jolly ranchers in my bag that one of my students had given me, and they fell out when I was looking for my bus pass. I asked him if he wanted one, and he gave a very emphatic YES, as he is diabetic and sometimes needs to get his blood sugar up fast. He had wild and sad eyes. He sat in a way that made himself seem really small. It was hard to guess his age, 30s or 40s most likely.

I hope he gets the place he thinks is coming real soon now.

It was really windy last night, and the bus I got on that ended our conversation was quiet. It kind of felt like there was a white noise machine over the city from the wind, muffling sound like the fog sometimes muffles light or long range views.


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