Hello Harvey!

I go to City Hall now and again to TCB*, check up on elected officials, or just bask in the glory of a beautiful public building. I can rarely stop myself from taking pictures of the rotunda where all day every day couples are marrying. I even did that myself once–right there! Make it feel like a very personal and special place in the middle of a lot of hustle and bustle.

Yesterday City Hall was packed, in part because city business registration certificates are due soon. Couples still married, tourists in matching outfits took photos, as did I. Harvey Milk, who was celebrated recently for being put on a US postage stamp, presided over it all with a great smile, and a reminder of what this town can be (and the price some pay–Harvey Milk was the first openly gay official elected to office in California, and along with our then mayor George Moscone was assassinated by another supervisor while in office–right here at City Hall).


*TCB=Take Care of Business

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