Sidewalk Nap Time

This could be called ‘Everyday In San Francisco’, at least in some hoods. Don’t get bedbugs as you walk down the sidewalk (if you can even walk on the sidewalk, that is)!

One time I confronted some guys dumping a mattress from a van on my street. In retrospect it was probably a stupid maneuver, but I took a picture of their plate and told them not to leave it or I would report them. They put it back in the van and sped off (though I realize they probably just went to another block to dump it, or waited until dark). A guy on my street who owns a small apartment building says he has gotten fined for mattresses left leaning against his building.

As for the cars on the sidewalk? I even had a parking enforcer laugh and say, ‘yeah, that’s always how it’s been done!’. Tradition and all, I suppose, but when neighboring households have 3 to 6 cars between them it gets a little out of control.

In a wheelchair or pushing a stroller or cart? Take another route, grandma! Sure we live in a transit first town*, but everybody needs their very own car, don’t ya know?


Mattress Parking Only

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